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 Topic:  big wood in Simms run 

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Posted: Dec 30, 2012Post Subject: big wood in Simms run
Watch for a large pine spanning over 3/4 river on Right turn just before the Rock fence @ mile 2. At 1000cfs not hard to go 'round if seen, higher water would pose more difficulty and worse, the next big water will pull in several more old-growth, freshly fallen trees laying in the water but not yet posing a threat.
Posted: Apr 22, 2013
I just ran the sims section on 4/21/13. The log that spans 3/4 of the river has moved down 100 yards or so. You can get around it on river left or river right in kayaks, I think left is better for rafts but i don't raft much. However!!! There is a new log on the next rapid down from shotgun rapid. You will be able to see it with time to react as the water slows into a pool before the log. It's ugly spanning both of the usual lines.I would scout this one and make your mind up on how to run it or portage on the right.the flows were 850 cfs when we ran it.
Posted: Jan 13, 2014Post Subject: tree below shotgun Creek removed from upper sac.
A few good people in a1 1/2 ton chain hoist tree pulled removed,12/30/13
Forums -> Archive -> big wood in Simms run Page 1 of 1