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 Topic:  north fork feather releases 

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Posted: Aug 23, 2005Post Subject: north fork feather releases
Hello Feather River Runners,
Our fourth season of Feather River Releases is quickly approaching. It
amazing that four years have passed since we gained this amazing
resource that has changed summer boating in California. There are some
changes, this season, that the boating public needs to be aware of.
* The release dates are:
June 26th (Sunday only Rock Creek)
July 23rd/24th
August 27th/28th
September 24th/ 25th
October 15th/16th (earlier than last year)

* Shuttles will run on Saturday only! The shuttles will be run by
River College. The cost will be the same ($5.00).
* The Sunday, Rogers Flat, put-in will (as always) be for drop off
You will need to work out your shuttle the old fashion way.
* Surveyors will be asking all boaters a few short questions. please
the time to answer them, it¹s important!
* All Boaters need to sign in at the AW booth at the Cresta powerhouse
Saturday and at the AW booth at Tobin Vista parking area on Sunday.
will be the count for additional release days next year!!!!
* Tobin Resort, Belden Town, Caribou Corners, Scooters Café, Storrie
and other canyon establishment will be open for business this summer.
Remember, support for them is support for you.

The North Fork Feather River continues to be one of AW¹s
greatest successes. Thousands of paddlers from all over the country
already come to experience this jewel of California Whitewater that,
to AW¹s efforts, runs all summer. AW has also reached settlement,
after a
four year negotiation, on the Upper North Fork Feather River. This
settlement will add and 8 mile class V reach in the spring and a 9 mile
class III+ reach that will run one weekend per month all summer.
negotiations are underway for the Poe reach which includes a classic 4
Class V reach and a 4mile class III+ reach. Wrap all of these up and
have the best Whitewater resource in the west!
These victories are the result of an incredible amount of time and
At least one, and often two, AW representative attend monthly meetings
just the Rock Creek and Cresta reaches. Biological studies from the
releases on the North Fork Feather River will determine the fate of
virtually all of the negotiated release throughout the West. Thus far,
are very please with the results of the 1.5 million dollars worth of
that have been conducted, analyzing everything from frog populations to
drift. However, without AW's continued involvement in the review of
studies, interest opposed to recreational releases could persuade
to end releases here and on many of our other hard won victories on the
Feather River and elsewhere.
The bottom line is that by supporting AW, you support your desire to
not only the Feather but every river in the State!!
If you want to know what else AW has done for you lately, stop by the
booth and I will let you know what else we are involved in across the
country. Click here to find out more, join up and help out.

Insist on American Whitewater!!!


Dave Steindorf

California Stewardship Director
American Whitewater
1325 Deodara Way Paradise, CA 95969
Office 530.876.1335
Forums -> Archive -> north fork feather releases Page 1 of 1