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 Topic:  Many USGS gauges not reporting 

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Posted: Oct 24, 2018Post Subject: Many USGS gauges not reporting
Many USGS gauges on the Dreamflows reports have not been reporting for the last few days. USGS is aware of the problem (naturally!) and is working diligently to resolve.

Their priority is getting gauges that are likely to see rain back online first, then other gauges. I see that some of the gauges that have been down are already back online, so my guess is the rest will be back online soon. I'll post more when I hear more.
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Posted: Oct 26, 2018
Turns out the affected gauges all transmit data via satellite, using a specific make and model of field transmitter. The issue is that this particular model started experiencing a problem with its GPS system around October 21, which in turn has been preventing reliable transmission of data.

My reading of this is that the fix needs to be applied at each gauge site, which represents a fair bit of work and hassle. Many are in remote locations. So while gauges are slowly coming back online, it may be a while before they are all back.
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Posted: Nov 9, 2018
Almost all the gauges are now back online.  The exceptions are
    Piru Creek - Above Pyramid Lake
    San Joaquin - At Donny Bridge
    San Joaquin - At Gravelly Ford
    San Joaquin - At Highway 41
    San Joaquin - Below Skaggs Bridge
    Naches - Near Cliffdell
Presumably they will be restored sometime, but I have no information on when.
Forums -> Archive -> Many USGS gauges not reporting Page 1 of 1