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 Topic:  Dreamflow reach maps are back 

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Posted: Nov 30, 2018Post Subject: Dreamflow reach maps are back
Previously, Dreamflows used the Google Maps API for displaying flow or run information in map form.  However, a few months ago, Google decided to started charging for the use of their API - more than Dreamflows was willing to pay, so access to their maps was progressively reduced until at this point their maps are no longer usable.

Dreamflow is busy switching to Leaflet instead, and so now run maps like Chili Bar are once again working.  Functionality should be the same as before (better, actually), but if you experience any issues, please email me.

Some Dreamflows maps of other kinds are still not working, and I will post again when they are.
Forums -> Archive -> Dreamflow reach maps are back Page 1 of 1