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 Topic:  8 New Logs from Lake Siskiyou to Dunsmuir 

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Posted: Mar 9, 2019Post Subject: 8 New Logs from Lake Siskiyou to Dunsmuir
In short, there are 8 new logs in the river between Lake Siskiyou and Dunsmuir, none require a portage yet several are in play (especially if you are out of control/swimming). All these logs will probably move around in a high flow event.

The first log is across the river between the "No Parking" rapid and the ledge typically run far left. It can be ducked on the right at low water, paddled over on the left at high flows.

The second and third logs are in the left side of the river in the rapid with many eddies above the final distinct ledge of the box proper. Both can be paddled around by staying far to the right.

Three new logs are in the river between the Cantera Loop railroad bridge and the next railroad bridge. All can be paddled around.

One log below the second railroad bridge can be paddled over far river left, but there are some branches, some may be inclined to portage this one.

Finally, above Mossbrae Falls was a tree arching over the river. It has fallen in, and it's best to take the right channel before the railroad bridge that's directly upstream of Mossbrae.
Posted: Apr 22, 2019
Thanks to local paddlers almost all these logs are gone or not in play. Just the one above Mossbrae is worth noting as it has moved downstream and is in the main flow, you can paddle around it on the right.
Forums -> Hazards -> 8 New Logs from Lake Siskiyou to Dunsmuir Page 1 of 1