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 Topic:  Kingvale done for the year 

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Posted: Jun 2, 2008Post Subject: Kingvale done for the year
Kingvale gage yestarday (june 1st) was negative 1" on the gage. We estimated flow to be approximately 150cfs or so....too bony to bother with, and there's no snow left to melt upstream. This caused us to do some cross training with fosters lager rather than scrape down the run.
Posted: Jun 2, 2008Post Subject: Oh how wrong you are!
Ran this yesterday and it was very fun. The flow was actually more like 300. I bet if it warms up real quick you might be able to squeze in 1 more run in the next few days.
Posted: Jun 2, 2008Post Subject: Nah...150 or so.
My hydrologist boating buddy and I both work extensively with discharge measurements and thought it was more like 150cfs at hansel and gretel, but we didn't do an actual discharge estimate.....probably more like 200 by the time it got down to cisco. I have a marsh Mcbirney flow meter laying round the lab here....I'm kind of thinking that that stick gage should be calibrated with some actual discharge measurements....maybe I'll hafta get out there nxt spring and do the dischage measurement thing at a few levels so we can get some decent data on what those stick gage measurements at hansel bridge actually mean. At any rate, the water was 1" below gage yesterday at 4:30....too low for me to want to bother with....
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Posted: Jun 3, 2008
Hey Rosamond, mid April the Cisco gauge was reporting 560 cfs, but the three of us on the run thought actual flow was way less. And the Cisco gauge reading for Sunday was about 300 cfs. Bottom line: there's some consensus that the Cisco gauge over-reads, at least at low flows. So, if you can get out there with your flow meter next spring and calibrate the gauges (both the Hansel and Gretel gauge and by inference the Cisco gauge) that would be really sweet.

Question: where do I get me a flow meter to play with? That would be like having Christmas every day ...
Posted: Jun 4, 2008Post Subject: flow meter;
Yeah, I've noticed that over the last couple years, my guesstimate and the reported discharge are pretty divergent at lower flows on that one...

As for flow meters, they're plain old pricey. The best way to get one is to become a stream biologist or a hydrologist, that way the govt will pay for your fancy electrical flow meter toy.
I'll try to get out there and do a reading at a couple of moderate to low levels nxt spring so we can get this thing a little more dialed in.

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