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 Topic:  Fantasy Falls - a better estimate 

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Site Admin
Posted: Jun 19, 2008Post Subject: Fantasy Falls - a better estimate
Thanks to information from Kurt Sable, Dreamflows is now once more estimating the inflow to Salt Springs Reservoir inflow on the North Mokelumne, i.e. take-out flow for Fantasy Falls. This estimate appears on the daily report only, i.e. it's the average flow for the previous day; realtime information isn't available.

This new estimate is based on EBMUD's daily report of full natural flow on the Main Mokelumne. The old Dreamflows estimate was erratic, i.e. it worked only some of the time, since it was based on in-stream flows and the plumbing down there is somewhat Byzantine. This new estimate, based as it is on EDMUD's insider knowledge of what's being diverted/pumped where/when, should be much more consistent. When you get on it, please let us know either way.

Remember, it's just an estimate ... although probably a fairly good one. Also remember what you're seeing on the report is the daily average for the previous day, so by the time you hit the water at put-in, the take-out estimate will be at least two days old. Be sure therefore to check for trends on the graph, and pay heed to predicted weather changes.
Thomas M
Posted: Jun 29, 2010Post Subject: Any Estimates?
Hey Chris, how about some estimates on the inflow to Salt Spring?

Site Admin
Posted: Jun 30, 2010
Should be reporting again now.
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