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Help - Signup

Use the signup page to register for a new Dreamflows account.  The advantages of doing so are listed on the page.  Be sure to read the terms and conditions first.  As such documents go this one's remarkably short and to the point - and it has some pertinent information in it.

You'll need to supply a valid Email Address.  After you've successfully signed up, Dreamflows will send you a confirmation email containing an Activation Code, which is valid for 7 days.  It's sent to the address you supply, and if the address isn't valid you won't receive the email and won't be able to complete the registration process.  Note that after your account is activated, you can configure Dreamflows to send your Alerts Pages and Email Reports to different addresses than Email Address.  You would achieve this by editing your profile.  Note also that Dreamflows does not, and will not, give (or sell, etc) any of your email addresses to anyone.

You'll also need to choose a Username and Password.  Choose a Username that describes you in some meaningful way - for instance your nickname, first name, or your first and last names.  Likewise choose a Password that has meaning for you (so you can easily remember it) yet isn't easy for someone else to guess.  You might not expect someone to try and masquerade as you on a bulletin board, but you'd be amazed what people do for "fun".  A mixture of letters and numbers is usually a pretty good choice.  If you do forget your password later, and your Email Address is still active, then you can reset your password by visiting the login page and clicking on the Forgotten Password link.  The Username isn't case sensitive, but your Password is.  This means that if you registered as Boris (say) you'll be able to login as boris, or BORIS, etc.  However, you must always enter your Password exactly as you supplied it when you registered (or last changed it).

As noted on the signup page, for security and logistical reasons, both Username and Password have restrictions on which characters are allowed.  In each case 'letters' means a through z and A through Z only.  So apologies, but non-Roman characters like á, Ü, æ and ñ are disallowed.

Your Username is fixed for all time - it cannot be changed - so please choose with care.  However you may change your Password by editing your profile.

Once you've filled in all the fields correctly and clicked submit, Dreamflows will add you to the member list with a Pending status.  You won't be able to do anything interesting (other than you could before) while your status is Pending.  However, Dreamflows will immediately send you the confirmation email containing your Activation Code referred to above.  Depending on how quick the Internet and your email system are, and how you access messages, you could receive the email within seconds of signing up.  Or hours - it's hard to predict.  In any case, once it arrives the email makes the activation process easy by including a link you can click on.  Once you've completed activation you'll have full membership status. 

You are then strongly encouraged to edit your profile, and check your settings.  All were set to sensible defaults when you signed up, but they may not be optimized for you.

If your confirmation email doesn't arrive within an hour or two, you can request a duplicate by visiting the signup page and clicking on the Activation Email Never Arrived link.  However, if it went missing the first time, it may go missing the second time too ... if you have a spam filter, please set it to allow email from chris@dreamflows.com ... and if the problem persists, please contact chris@dreamflows.com.

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