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The runs listed in the following sections match the order in the Dreamflows daily report. Please select from the following:
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General Information

The following lists the various Wyoming flow sites reported by Dreamflows, and some whitewater runs associated with those sites.  This list isn't by any means exhaustive, but should provide a useful cross-listing.  Sites reported by Dreamflows appear against the left-hand margin in bold, while associated runs appear indented underneath.  Where available, gauge location and other pertinent information appear beneath the site name.  The terms "above" and "below" mean "upstream from" and "downstream from", respectively, and distances are in river miles.

In general, the flow on any given run will differ to some extent from the reported flow for its gauge.  For example, the flow on the Chamberlain Falls run of the North Fork American is lower than the inflow at Clementine, since the run starts many miles upstream from Clementine (side creeks make up the difference).  For runs marked the difference is likely to be radical.  Please consult a good white-water guidebook for information on how to estimate the actual flow on any given run.

Click on the icon, when present, for run-specific put-in, take-out and/or rapid location information.  Click on the icon, when present, for a composite view showing gauges and runs in the same drainage or general area.  The terms "run" and "reach" are used interchangeably; both mean a specific section of some river or stream that is typically paddled during a single trip.  Of course you're not necessarily limited to these access points and may choose others, though be sure to consider the legal and logistical aspects first.  Also, be aware that access points may not be accurately measured or displayed, and in any case can change over time, so please don't take the published access points too literally.  In particular, many access points are shown as the middle of a bridge; this doesn't mean you should seal launch off, but rather scout around for the best river-side access.

Information on the runs listed below was taken from one (or more) of the following sources:

TagTitle and Author
AWAAmerican Whitewater.
AmaralIdaho, The Whitewater State - Grant Amaral.
CRCColorado Rivers and Creeks, Second Edition - Gordon Banks and Dave Eckardt.
IdahoWWIdaho Whitewater - Greg Moore and Don McClaren.
OregonKayakingOregon Kayaking - Jason Rackley.
SWPaddlerSouthwest Paddler.
TurnerMontana Surf - Nick Turner, Matt Wilson, Russ Fry.

Almost all of the runs below have some basic information about the run: the length, the class, and a tag indicating which guidebook the information was taken from (see the above table for a list of tags).  The page numbers (where given) are for the specified edition of the guide. The class ratings listed here never include all the nuances in the guidebook.  Note very carefully that the information supplied here is intended only as an aid to selecting runs which might appeal to you.  Different authors rate runs differently, some runs have significant rapids and hazards not covered by the ratings given here, and ratings change with flow.  Also, only a fraction of the information in the guidebooks is presented here.  PLEASE CONSULT AN APPLICABLE GUIDEBOOK before selecting a run to paddle.

Note also that the class rating will sometimes have a qualifier appended in parentheses.  If the rating (for example) were given as III to IV, then this means the run is generally considered Class III to IV at normal flows.  If the rating were III to IV (V) instead, then that would mean the run was class III to IV overall, but that it contained class V rapid(s).  If the rating were III to IV (P) instead, then that would mean the run was class III to IV overall, but that it contained portage(s).  Note: for various reasons (e.g. qualifier omissions in guidebooks, or the river's changed), some entries that should have a qualifier might not show one.  So, if you don't see a qualifier for a given run, then don't assume that one doesn't apply.

Many of the runs listed below have links to web pages that describe the run and associated logistics.  Many also provide interesting photos.  Note: these are third-party web sites, though, and as such Dreamflows cannot vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided; nor are the opinions expressed necessarily shared by Dreamflows.  Note also that for many runs, the logistical information is taken from a hardcopy book, plus there are one or more links to online pages as well.  This offers the reader more sources of run information.

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Wyoming Rivers

CF Yellowstone - Near Belfry
Gauge located 1.3 miles below Wyoming-Montana State line, 3 miles above Dilworth Creek.  Gauge elevation 3986 feet.
  Clarks Fork Yellowstone River - Stix and Stones (4.7 miles, V+ (P), Turner p62)        AWA
  Clarks Fork Yellowstone River - Day Stretch (4 miles, IV to IV+ (V+,P), Turner p70)        AWA
  Clarks Fork Yellowstone River - Honeymooner (3 miles, V to V+, Turner p72)        AWA
  Clarks Fork Yellowstone River - Box (19 miles, V to V+ (VI,P), Turner p64)        AWA  OregonKayaking
  Clarks Fork Yellowstone River - Lower Run (3 miles, IV to V-, Turner p76)        AWA

Yellowstone - Below Yellowstone Lake
Gauge located 0.1 miles below Fishing Bridge on East Entrance Rd, 0.25 miles below Yellowstone Lake.  Gauge elevation 7728 feet.
  Yellowstone River - Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (25 miles, V, Turner p232)        AWA

Mi. Powder - Near Barnum
Gauge located 0.25 miles below Forest Service Road 81/Hazelton Road bridge (put-in).  Gauge elevation 7220 feet.
  Powder River - Forest Service road bridge near county line to Hwy 190 (20 miles, II to V, AWA)      AWA  OnlineGuide

North Platte - Near Northgate
Gauge located 0.7 miles below Hwy-125 bridge, 5 miles above Colorado/Wyoming state line.  Gauge elevation 7810 feet.
  North Platte River - Northgate Canyon (10.8 miles, III to III+ (IV-), CRC p168)      SWPaddler

Encampment - Near Encampment
Gauge located 0.5 miles above North Platte confluence, 8.5 miles below Encampment.  Gauge elevation 6970 feet.
  Encampment River - Commissary Park to Odd Fellows Trailhead (15.2 miles, IV+ to V-, CRC p169)      AWA

Gros Ventre - At Kelly
Gauge located 100 feet below Main St/Teton Valley Ranch Road in Kelly.  Gauge elevation 6746 feet.
  Gros Ventre River - Lower Slide Lake to Kelly (5 miles, II to IV, AWA)        AWA  OnlineGuide

Snake - Near Alpine
Gauge located 7.4 miles above Greys River confluence, 7.6 miles above Highway 26/89 road bridge at Alpine (top of Palisades Reservoir).  Gauge elevation 5684 feet.
  Snake River - Astoria Bridge to West Table (9.0 miles, I to III, AWA)        AWA
  Snake River - West Table to Sheep Gulch (Alpine Canyon) (7.9 miles, III, AWA)        AWA  OnlineGuide
  Snake River - Sheep Gulch to Palisades Reservoir (3.9 miles, II to III+, AWA)        AWA

Fall River - Near Squirrel
Gauge located 0.2 miles above road bridge, 0.5 miles below Marysville Dam, 6 miles below Boone Creek.  Gauge elevation 5589 feet.
  Fall River - Cave Falls Run (14 miles, III (P), Amaral p266)      
  Fall River - Lower Run (6 miles, III to IV, Amaral p264)      
  Fall River - Kirkham Bridge to Highway 20 (11.9 miles, II- to II+, IdahoWW p26)      

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List of Composite Maps

River/StreamComposite Map
Fall RiverFall River
Snake RiverSnake River - Wyoming
Yellowstone RiverClarks Fork Yellowstone River
Yellowstone River

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