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California West Sierra - Southern  Date     Time     Flow     Gauge     BBS  Comments/Links
TuolumneAbove Hetch Hetchy ResSep16 5:30am 26 7.35ft Water 59°F
TuolumneBelow Hetch HetchySep16 5:45am 85 3.23ft Water 51°F
TuolumneAbove Early IntakeSep16 5:45am 86 12.54ft Water 60°F
Cherry CreekAbove Cherry LakeSep16 5:00am 4.0 0.79ft 2017 Water 64°F
Cherry CreekBelow Cherry LakeSep16 6:00am 19 5.35ft 2006 Water 48°F
Cherry CreekAbove Holm PowerhouseSep16 5:15am 36 2.05ft 2006 Water 63°F
Cherry CreekBelow Holm PowerhouseSep16 5:45am 330 7.47ft Aug 9 Water 50°F
TuolumneBelow Early IntakeSep16 5:30am 87 3.56ft Aug 9 Water 60°F
TuolumneAt Mushroom (est)Sep16 6:30am 413  Aug 9 90% confidence actual flow is between 390 and 430 cfs
Mi. TuolumneAbove SF ConfluenceSep16 6:00am 10 1.31ft Aug 9
So. TuolumneAt Rainbow PoolSep16 4:45am 41 2.97ft Aug 9
TuolumneAt Merals Pool (est)Sep16 6:00am 366  Aug 9 Lower Permit + 90% confidence actual flow is between 350 and 380 cfs
ClaveyNear Hunter Bend (est) n/a   2011 90% confidence actual flow is between 65 and 110 cfs
No. TuolumneAt Riverside Campground (est) n/a   80% confidence actual flow is between 62 and 130 cfs
TuolumneAt Wards Ferry n/a   Aug 9 Flow currently unavailable
TuolumneNew Don Pedro Paddle OutSep16 5:30am  805.60ft 2017 Paddle out to Ward’s Ferry: 1.3 miles (approx.)
TuolumneInflow New Don Pedro ResSep12 0:00am 369  Aug 9
TuolumneBelow La Grange DamSep16 5:30am 263 4.15ft Water 54°F
MercedAt Happy Isles BridgeSep16 5:30am 55 1.27ft Water 53°F
MercedAt Pohono BridgeSep16 6:00am 66 1.62ft 2017
MercedAt Red Bud (est) n/a   2016 Confidence unknown, treat this estimate with suspicion
So. MercedAt WawonaSep16 5:45am 8.0 1.89ft 2008
So. MercedAt Hwy 140 Bridge (est) n/a   2008 90% confidence actual flow is between 59 and 98 cfs + Falling 2 cfs/hr
MercedBelow BriceburgSep16 5:15am 98 19.93ft 2018
MercedInflow Lake McClure (est)Sep14 0:00am 244  2007 Reservoir calculation, see Note 2
MercedAt CressySep16 5:15am 2,116 14.96ft Water 62°F
FresnoAbove Hensley LakeSep16 5:45am 12 0.40ft 2009
Mi. San JoaquinAt Devils PostpileSep16 6:00am 28 2.99ft 2010
San JoaquinAt Miller Crossing (est) n/a   2009 Estimate is outside the model's range of 300-800 cfs
Mono CreekBelow Lake EdisonSep16 3:45am 380 6.26ft 2008
So. San JoaquinBelow Florence LakeSep16 3:45am 35 3.78ft 2016
San JoaquinBelow Mammoth Pool ResSep16 3:45am 33 3.10ft 2016
San JoaquinChawanakee GorgeSep16 3:45am 0.0 2228.74ft 2010
San JoaquinBelow Stevenson CreekSep16 2:45am 7.0 
No. Willow CreekNear Sugar PineSep16 5:45am 6.0 2.61ft 2006
San JoaquinBelow Redinger LakeSep16 3:45am 46 4.57ft 2006
San JoaquinAt Horseshoe BendSep16 3:45am 120  2017
San JoaquinAt Patterson BendSep16 4:45am 38 4.77ft 2006
San JoaquinAt Squaw Leap Falls n/a   2006 Flow currently unavailable
San JoaquinInflow Millerton LakeSep14 0:00am 2,484  2006
San JoaquinBelow Friant DamSep16 5:30am 432 3.10ft Water 56°F
San JoaquinAt Highway 41Sep16 6:00am 381 5.17ft Water 60°F
San JoaquinAt Donny BridgeSep16 6:00am 298 3.44ft Water 68°F
San JoaquinBelow Skaggs BridgeSep16 5:15am 243 2.76ft
San JoaquinAt Gravelly FordSep16 5:15am 198 3.29ft Water 70°F
San JoaquinAt MendotaSep16 5:30am 282 3.54ft Water 73°F
No. KingsAt Meadow BrookSep16 5:30am 3.0 1.79ft
No. KingsBelow Balch Diversion DamSep16 4:45am 16 2.05ft 2007
No. KingsAbove Dinkey CreekSep16 5:30am 26 1.33ft 2011
Dinkey CreekAt Dinkey Meadow (est) n/a   Flow currently unavailable
Dinkey CreekAbove North Fork Kings (est)Sep16 5:00am 23  2009 Confidence unknown, treat this estimate with suspicion
No. KingsBelow Dinkey CreekSep16 5:30am 61 1.46ft 2012
So. KingsAbove Roaring RiverSep16 5:30am 183 2.90ft Water 53°F
So. KingsAbove Boyden CaveSep16 5:30am 199 4.65ft Water 55°F
KingsAt Rodgers Crossing (est)Sep16 6:00am 471  2009 90% confidence actual flow is between 450 and 490 cfs
KingsBelow North ForkSep16 6:00am 531 3.17ft Water 65°F
KingsInflow Pine Flat Res (est)Sep16 4:00am 549  2011 Reservoir calculation, see Note 2
KingsRel Pine Flat LakeSep16 6:00am 2,297 5.16ft
Mill CreekAbove Kings RiverSep16 6:00am Low 1.22ft
Marble Fk KaweahNear LodgepoleSep16 5:45am 1.0 6.89ft Water 48°F
No. KaweahAt Kaweah (est) n/a   75% confidence actual flow is between 170 and 280 cfs + Rising 11 cfs/hr
KaweahAt Three RiversSep16 5:15am 94 2.58ft 2018
KaweahInflow Terminus ResSep14 0:00am 78  2009
KaweahBelow Terminus DamSep16 5:15am 132 1.94ft Water 71°F
So. TuleNear Cholollo CampgroundSep16 4:45am 7.0 3.28ft Water 54°F
So. TuleNear Reservation BoundarySep16 5:30am 10 5.75ft
TuleNear SpringvilleSep16 5:30am 31 3.73ft 2016
No. KernAbove Fairview DamSep16 5:00am 390 
No. KernBelow Fairview DamSep16 5:00am 115 
Brush CreekAt Take-Out Bridge n/a   2014 Flow currently unavailable
No. KernAt KernvilleSep16 5:15am 442 5.45ft 2017 Forks Permit
So. KernNear OnyxSep16 5:30am 27 3.22ft 2009
KernAbove Borel PowerhouseSep16 5:15am1,382 8.60ft 2006 Water 70°F
KernRel Lake IsabellaSep16 5:15am1,382  2017 Schedule
KernBelow Democrat (est)Sep16 8:00am965  2006 Confidence unknown, treat this estimate with suspicion
KernBelow Kern Canyon PH DivSep16 5:30am 1,337 4.66ft
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