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 Topic:  River Wide Strainer 

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Posted: May 18, 2019Post Subject: River Wide Strainer
We ran from Mountain View Rd to Hendy Woods on Friday May 17. Flow was about 740cfs. There was a large tree down across the river creating a river wide strainer It was about 1 hour and 40 minutes into the run. It was across a constriction with 2 channels. You can't see the strainer from the top. Neither channel is passable with the strainer. Most of the water goes to the right but the left channel has the easier portage. You can't see the strainer until you are heading down the blocked channel.

There is also a large 3 trunked redwood tree across the river about 30 minutes into the run. We easily passed under it but at a higher flow it could be hazardous.
Posted: May 20, 2019Post Subject: portage left
We paddled down yesterday and the portage was easy on the left. Look for the big creek that comes in on the left around mile 4 shortly before "Mike's Rapid" II+ then start looking for the strainer. I was able to recognize the row of Alders in the middle of the river marking the entrance to the blind corner. Be safe and have fun

Forums -> Hazards -> River Wide Strainer Page 1 of 1