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 Topic:  SF Yuba flows 

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Posted: May 3, 2009Post Subject: SF Yuba flows
Bob Center, wearing his Bear/Yuba relicensing hat, reports as follows: "I went and looked at Cisco and Lang's today. It looked like Cisco was running 2,000 +/- 500, and Langs looked like it might have been as much as 3000. Spaulding is all but full, and is spilling. The South Yuba Canal and Drum Canal are running low, to accommodate accretion into the canal, I think.

Because Spaulding is nearly full, outflow will equal inflow (minus about 800 for canal outflow), and continued spill will depend mostly on temperature and rainfall for the next week or so. With a slightly warming trend, some rain, and soaked ground my guess is that it will continue for a few days."
Forums -> Archive -> SF Yuba flows Page 1 of 1