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 Topic:  MF Feather at Milsap Bar gauge 

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Posted: Oct 15, 2009Post Subject: MF Feather at Milsap Bar gauge
Down the years, many of you have reported that CDEC's MF Feather Milsap Bar aka Merrimac gauge doesn't report the actual flow. This isn't too surprising to me, since the rating table they're currently using claims to be of 1994 vintage, and a whopping great big flood occurred between then and now. CDEC also appear to be decoding their data incorrectly, so that the flow that's reported for 8pm (say) is actually the 7pm flow. It's hard to be sure that's exactly what's going on, but something's not right.

Anyway, Dreamflows is in a position to fix both issues. The flow on the reports should now be correctly aligned in time, and Dreamflows now uses its own rating table to convert gauge height to flow. However, right now it's just a copy of CDEC's published rating table, so the reported flow is probably still incorrect. But - we can correct this in the future by applying shifts to Dreamflows' rating table.

This is where you come in. If you run either Devil's Canyon or Bald Rock, please post your estimate of the flow on this thread. We want take-out flow of Devil's Canyon or put-in flow for Bald Rock, and including an accurate date/time for your observation is crucial. If there's a clear consensus that the flow's off, I'll adjust it. Fair?
Forums -> Archive -> MF Feather at Milsap Bar gauge Page 1 of 1