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 Topic:  Road Conditions and take out questions 

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Posted: Mar 3, 2011Post Subject: Road Conditions and take out questions
I have a few questions about the roads for this run.
Last year I came out here with small group. We had two cars and planned on setting our own shuttle. The park was still closed so we did not have that as a fall back plus we really wanted to run the last couple of miles. After driving around for a long time wasting gas and time with a trip over to the dam and back we ended up finding a helpful local. We got directions down to the river on river right side on what the maps calls McKay’s Point Road. I would rather not use that road again. It was very steep and we hardly made it back up the hill plus finding ended up being very hard. Later I was told the better take out is on the other side of the river (river left) but I was not given directions. So hear are my questions; Is there really a better take-out? Are the roads usable right now with all the rain and snow? Where does the shuttle service drop the cars for take-out? When does the shuttle service start up?
Site Admin
Posted: Mar 3, 2011
My answers to questions:

Yes, there is a more convenient take-out on river left, especially for sedans. Depending on reservoir level and your skills, you also get treated to one of: a boring final mini-rapid or a couple extra interesting rapids or a potentially lethal final rapid or a portage. If you want detailed directions to the alternative take-out on the reservoir, email me. However, the gate is sometimes locked

I personally wouldn't chance the Sourgrass Ravine put-in road on account of snow this time of year unless you had insider information (friends up there or a weather report that gave snow levels). Note that Boards Crossing is an alternative put-in that may be accessible when Sourgrass Ravine is not.

No idea about the shuttle service - call them.
Posted: Mar 5, 2011Post Subject: NF Stan access
The road to put in, Boards Crossing Rd. out of Dorrington, is buried in snow at the top. That means access to the normal put in - Sourgrass - and access to a lower put in - Old Boards Crossing - are closed. For take out, the Holbek & Stanley book gives good, simple directions to the river right take out, known as McKays Point. This is the quicker, more direct option but is in bad shape at the bottom. For the river left take out, which as Chris describes does add a short distance to the run with potential rapids if McKays res is low, turn right after only 1 mile on Love Creek and follow to and across the dam. Sounds like you were there! Go a short distance past dam and take your first left. Park here. Take out is a steep hike up to here from the res. Also as Chris mentioned, there is a gate on the dam road that either NCPA or USFS likes to close in the winter. Status of that gate is unknown at this time. Irie Shuttles is always available and willing to scout access. Irie Shuttles will be offering services again for 2011! Contact him via rocky@goldrush.com. Hope that helps.
Irie Shuttles
Posted: Mar 5, 2011Post Subject: North Stan Access and Shuttle Service
All the above is true. Access is not available at this
time. Both Sourgrass and Old McKays (river right takeout)
are not accessible. New McKays (river left takeout on
the reservior) will be the last to be open. I know the
river levels are great right now but will be at least a
couple weeks of sunny weather to open. Irie Shuttle
will again be offering shuttle services. Contact at
rocky@goldrush.com We offer many different options.
One of the best is to meet you at Sourgrass just before you
put on. Drive your 4WD vehicle to Old McKays access and
it will be there for you when you take out. We also
offer a icebox with ice for your victory beverages.
Just drive one vehicle up, we take care of the rest.
Old McKays road access is short and steep. Most 4WDs
will make it. Let's hope for some sunny warm weather
at this elevation. But for now... let it snow above
6500 feet, extending two seasons at the same time.
River levels later into the season and a few powder
Posted: Mar 6, 2011
Thank you to everyone with all the helpful info. I hope I will still be in the area with the roads are open.
I think I might have seen the take out on river left near the dam but did not think that was the main take out. The spot I remember did not look like the best hill to carry a couple rafts up.
When the roads are open it would be awesome to have it posted. Thank you
Irie Shuttles
Posted: Apr 17, 2011Post Subject: Access Issues
I went to Sourgrass road on Saturday and checked out
access. At the end of the plowed road there is a 6'
berm of snow. Beyond that is about 100 yards of 12"
snow on the road. From that point to the river it is
south slope and I'm assuming is clear. It would be
long now. My son checked out the takeout road and
it's doable.
Shuttles will be available when the road opens.
I'd give it this coming week to melt down some more.
No idea when the State Park road will be open.
Old McKays road is open now.
Call for shuttle info 209-795-4809 or email
Irie Shuttles
Posted: Apr 23, 2011Post Subject: North Stanislaus Opening Day
Sourgrass road is open. Normal Old Mckays takeout
road is not at this time, but there is a longer road
that will get you to Old McKays. Three groups put on
at Noonish. Flow was 1144CFS. Waiting for report
back on conditions.
Site Admin
Posted: Apr 23, 2011
I merged two other similar NF Stan threads into this one in an effort to keep similar posts together.
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