Dreamflows Daily Report - Fri, Dec 13, 2019
Northwest States

"I can't boat everyday, but I can always Dream"
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Oregon Central Rivers FRI THU WED 
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Mi. WillametteBelow Hills Creek Resnoon775 775 775Water 46°F
Mi. WillametteInflow Lookout Point Res10am1,550 1,300 775 
No. Mi. WillametteAt Westfirnoon2.15ft 1.77ft 1.39ftWater 43°F
Winberry CreekNear Lowellnoon74 31 25Water 44°F
Fall CreekAbove North Forknoon4.01ft 3.44ft 3.22ftWater 45°F
Fall CreekInflow Fall Creek Resnoon490 130 105 
Fall CreekBelow Fall Creek Damnoon175 175 120Water 44°F
Row RiverAbove Dorena Lakenoon525 125 95Water 45°F
Row RiverBelow Dorena Lakenoon90 87 84Water 44°F
McKenzieClear Lake Outletnoon175 170 160Water 39°F
McKenzieBelow Payne Creeknoon400 420 450Water 42°F
McKenzieBelow Trail Bridge Damnoon775 700 700Water 43°F
So. McKenzieAbove Cougar Resnoon480 340 215Water 42°F
BlueBelow Tidbits Creeknoon350 150 43 
McKenzieNear Vidanoon3,300 2,200 1,900Water 44°F
McKenzieBelow Leaburg Damnoon3,800 2,400 2,050Water 44°F
BreitenbushNear Detroitnoon525 480 155Water 42°F
No. SantiamBelow Boulder Creeknoon825 725 410Water 41°F
No. SantiamAt Niagaranoon1,950 1,550 1,250 2007Water 46°F
Li. No. SantiamNear Mehamanoon925 700 160 
No. SantiamAt Mehamanoon3,500 2,450 1,600 
Quartzville CrNear Cascadianoon975 1,000 115Water 44°F
Mi. SantiamNear Cascadianoon3.18ft 2.92ft 1.49ftWater 44°F
Mi. SantiamBelow Green Peter Damnoon702.19ft 700.65ft 696.03ftWater 50°F
So. SantiamBelow Cascadianoon875 625 180Water 44°F
Wiley CreekNear Fosternoon225 150 48 
Thomas CreekNear Scionoon330 240 83 
LuckiamuteNear Suvern/a  Flow currently unavailable
So. YamhillNear Willaminanoon775 650 300 
MolallaNear Canbynoon975 360 290 
Butte CreekAt Monitornoon160 68 28 
CollawashBelow Hot Springs Fork (est)10am800 600 32078% confidence actual flow is between 600 and 975 cfs
Oak Grove ClackamasAt Ripplebrook Campgroundnoon96 105 91 
ClackamasAbove Three Lynx Creeknoon2,050 1,500 825Water 42°F
ClackamasAt Estacadanoon2,700 1,850 1,050Water 41°F
SandyNear Marmotnoon1,200 875 460 
Bull RunNear Bull Runnoon140 135 100 
SandyBelow Bull Run Rivernoon1,750 1,350 750 
Beaver CreekAt Troutdalenoon26 41 10 
W. Fk HoodAbove East Forknoon600 400 220 2015 
HoodAt Tucker Bridgenoon900 675 390 
DeschutesBelow Wickiup Reservoirnoon100 100 100Water 96°F
DeschutesAt Benham Fallsnoon550 525 525 
DeschutesBelow Bendnoon550 575 550 
Squaw CreekAt Sistersnoon65 73 60 
DeschutesNear Culvernoon1,000 950 950Water 44°F
CrookedAt Smith Rock State Parknoon155 135 130Water 42°F
CrookedAt Crooked River Ranchnoon230 205 205 
CrookedBelow Opal Springsnoon1,400 1,300 1,300Water 53°F
MetoliusAbove Lake Billy Chinooknoon1,350 1,400 1,300 2016Water 42°F
DeschutesAt Moodynoon5,500 5,000 5,000Water 45°F
No. John DayAt Monumentnoon230 200 195 
John DayAt Service Creeknoon480 460 460 
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