Dreamflows Realtime Report - Nov 28, 2020 @ 9:22pm PST

"I can't boat everyday, but I can always Dream"
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California North Coast
California Central/South Coast
California Sacramento Valley
California West Sierra - Northern
California West Sierra - Southern
California East Sierra
Nevada Rivers
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Dreamflows created and maintained as a free service by Chris Shackleton, Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.
California Central/South Coast   Time     Flow     Gauge     BBS  Comments/Links
E. Fk RussianAbove Lake Mendocino8:15pm57 6.05ft Water 45°F
E. Fk RussianBelow Coyote Dam9:00pm119 1.72ft
RussianAt Hopland9:00pm107 1.11ft 2019 Water 50°F
RussianNear Cloverdale9:00pm115 2.23ft 2020
Big Sulphur CrAt Geysers Resort9:15pm2 2.35ft
Big Sulphur CrNear Cloverdale8:30pm4 17.52ft 2016
RussianNear Healdsburg8:45pm106 0.74ft 2009
Mark West CreekAt Porter Creek Rdn/a  2019 Flow currently unavailable
Mark West CreekAt Michele Way7:00pm 0.73ft 2019
Mark West CreekNear Santa Rosa (est)n/a  2019 No estimate for this time of year
RussianAt Hacienda Bridge8:15pm168 2.63ft Water 51°F
NapaNear Napa9:15pm0 1.80ft 2009 Water 32°F
Arroyo MochoNear Livermoren/a  Site currently not operational
Arroyo ValleAbove Lake Del Valle8:45pm0 0.38ft 2009
Alameda CreekNear Niles9:00pm57 3.18ft 2016 Water 51°F
Arroyo HondoNear San Jose9:00pm2 2.94ft 2010 Water 48°F
GuadalupeAt San Jose9:15pm30 4.91ft
Coyote CreekAbove Coyote Lake9:15pm0 1.38ft
San Francisquito CrAt Stanford University9:15pm0 0.19ft
Pescadero CreekNear Pescadero9:00pm2 1.12ft
San LorenzoAt Felton8:30pm17 3.07ft 2017
San LorenzoAt Santa Cruz9:00pm13 2.05ft
Soquel CreekAt Soquel9:00pm3 2.48ft
CarmelAt Robles Del Rio8:15pm13 2.40ft
CarmelNear Carmel9:00pm4 2.62ft
Big SurNear Big Sur8:15pm19 4.36ft
Arroyo SecoNear Greenfield9:15pm14 3.99ft 2017
Arroyo SecoNear Soledad9:00pm16 0.55ft
San AntonioNear Lockwood9:15pm0 1.55ft
CuyamaBelow Buckhorn Canyon8:30pm0 3.51ft
Santa YnezBelow Los Laureles Canyon9:00pm0 1.14ft
Piru CreekAbove Pyramid Lake9:00pm4 1.46ft
Piru CreekAbove Frenchmans Flat9:15pm29 4.76ft
Piru CreekAbove Lake Piru9:15pm25 1.50ft 2008
Piru CreekBelow Lake Piru8:45pm8 1.30ft 2011
Sespe CreekNear Wheeler Springs8:30pm1 1.89ft
Sespe CreekNear Fillmore9:15pm4 5.98ft
Santa ClaraBelow Sespe Creek11:15pm49 
Los AngelesBelow Sepulveda Dam9:00pm53 0.64ft
Santa MargaritaNear Temecula9:00pm4 1.65ft Water 60°F
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