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California Sacramento Valley
California West Sierra - Northern
California West Sierra - Southern
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California West Sierra - Southern   Time     Flow     Gauge     BBS  Comments/Links
TuolumneAbove Hetch Hetchy Res7:30am111 8.20ft Water 40°F
TuolumneBelow Hetch Hetchy7:45am54 2.92ft Water 52°F
TuolumneAbove Early Intake6:45am111 12.66ft Water 48°F
Cherry CreekAbove Cherry Lake7:00am378 3.69ft 2017 Water 36°F
Cherry CreekBelow Cherry Lake7:00am9 5.20ft 2006
Cherry CreekAbove Holm Powerhouse7:15am90 2.60ft 2006 Water 46°F
Cherry CreekBelow Holm Powerhouse6:45am96 6.64ft Aug 9 Water 46°F
TuolumneBelow Early Intake7:30am92 3.65ft Aug 9 Water 48°F
TuolumneAt Mushroom (est)7:45am185  Aug 9 90% confidence actual flow is between 175 and 195 cfs
Mi. TuolumneAbove SF Confluence7:00am106 2.68ft Aug 9
So. TuolumneAt Rainbow Pool7:00am287 4.64ft Aug 9 Rising 6 cfs/hr
TuolumneAt Merals Pool (est)7:00am541  Aug 9 90% confidence actual flow is between 525 and 575 cfs + Lower Permit
ClaveyNear Hunter Bend (est)n/a  2011 No estimate for this time of year
No. TuolumneAt Riverside Campground (est)n/a  See the daily report for flow information
TuolumneAt Wards Ferryn/a  Aug 9 Site currently not operational
TuolumneNew Don Pedro Paddle Out7:30am 794.74ft 2017 Paddle out to Ward’s Ferry: 1.1 miles (approx.)
TuolumneInflow New Don Pedro Resn/a  Aug 9 See the daily report for flow information
TuolumneBelow La Grange Dam7:30am396 4.62ft Water 54°F
MercedAt Happy Isles Bridge7:30am55 1.57ft Water 37°F + Falling 4 cfs/hr
MercedAt Pohono Bridge7:00am101 1.98ft 2017
MercedAt Red Bud (est)n/a  2016 No estimate for this time of year
So. MercedAt Wawonan/a  2008 Flow currently unavailable
So. MercedAt Hwy 140 Bridge (est)n/a  2008 No estimate for this time of year
MercedBelow Briceburg7:15amBRT 4.14ft 2018
MercedInflow Lake McCluren/a  2007 See the daily report for flow information
MercedAt Cressy7:15am202 11.02ft Water 54°F
FresnoAbove Hensley Lake6:45am65 0.84ft 2009 Rising 2 cfs/hr
Mi. San JoaquinAt Devils Postpile7:00am44 3.21ft 2010
San JoaquinAt Miller Crossing (est)n/a  2009 See the daily report for flow information
Mono CreekBelow Lake Edison5:45am25 4.89ft 2008
So. San JoaquinBelow Florence Lake5:45am23 3.22ft 2016
San JoaquinBelow Mammoth Pool Res5:45am48 3.30ft 2016
San JoaquinChawanakee Gorge5:45am0 2229.54ft 2010
San JoaquinBelow Stevenson Creek4:45am8 
No. Willow CreekNear Sugar Pine6:45am69 3.54ft 2006 Falling 5 cfs/hr
San JoaquinBelow Redinger Lake5:45am44 4.54ft 2006
San JoaquinAt Horseshoe Bend5:45am136  2017
San JoaquinAt Patterson Bend6:30am596 7.05ft 2006
San JoaquinAt Squaw Leap Fallsn/a  2006 Flow currently unavailable
San JoaquinInflow Millerton Laken/a  2006 See the daily report for flow information
San JoaquinBelow Friant Dam7:30am364 3.02ft Water 55°F
San JoaquinAt Highway 417:00am339 5.13ft Water 56°F
San JoaquinAt Donny Bridge7:00am300 3.45ft Water 56°F
San JoaquinBelow Skaggs Bridge7:15am267 2.80ft
San JoaquinAt Gravelly Ford7:15am214 3.31ft Water 56°F
San JoaquinAt Mendota7:30am197 2.98ft Water 54°F
No. KingsAt Meadow Brook7:30am10 2.01ft
No. KingsBelow Balch Diversion Dam6:30am58 2.35ft 2007
No. KingsAbove Dinkey Creek (est)7:30am28 1.37ft 2011
Dinkey CreekAt Dinkey Meadow (est)n/a  No estimate for this time of year
Dinkey CreekAbove North Fork Kings (est)7:00am518  2009 Confidence unknown, treat this estimate with suspicion
No. KingsBelow Dinkey Creek7:30am543 3.98ft 2012
So. KingsAbove Roaring River4:30am172 2.85ft Water 38°F
So. KingsAbove Boyden Cave7:30am227 4.75ft Water 39°F
KingsAt Rodgers Crossing (est)7:00am1,079  2009 90% confidence actual flow is between 1000 and 1150 cfs + Rising 15 cfs/hr
KingsBelow North Fork7:00am1,667 4.94ft Water 46°F
KingsInflow Pine Flat Res (est)7:00am2,345  2011 Reservoir calculation, see Note 2
KingsRel Pine Flat Lake7:00am409 2.57ft
Mill CreekAbove Kings River7:00am10 1.72ft
Marble Fk KaweahNear Lodgepole6:45am5 7.01ft Water 36°F
No. KaweahAt Kaweah (est)n/a  No estimate for this time of year
KaweahAt Three Rivers7:15am699 5.13ft 2018
KaweahInflow Terminus Resn/a  2009 See the daily report for flow information
KaweahBelow Terminus Dam7:15am27 0.70ft Water 60°F
So. TuleNear Cholollo Campground6:45am32 3.91ft Water 42°F
So. TuleNear Reservation Boundary7:30am170 7.13ft Water 50°F + Rising 33 cfs/hr
TuleNear Springville7:30am163 4.44ft 2016
No. KernAbove Fairview Dam7:00am481 
No. KernBelow Fairview Dam7:00am47 
Brush CreekAt Take-Out Bridgen/a  2014 Flow currently unavailable
No. KernAt Kernville7:15am551 5.70ft 2017 Forks Permit
So. KernNear Onyx7:30am60 3.75ft 2009
KernAbove Borel Powerhouse7:15am317 6.09ft 2006 Water 48°F
KernRel Lake Isabella7:15am317  2017 Schedule
KernBelow Democrat (est)n/a  2006 No estimate for this time of year
KernBelow Kern Canyon PH Div7:30am433 2.99ft
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